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Nigeria, being the largest country on the African continent as well as the wealthiest in terms of total GDP, has been facing rising insecurity and violent conflicts threatening the democratic development and economic progress of the polity in recent times. There have been rising incidents of security risk, dangers, and political unrest such as kidnapping, robbery, banditry, terrorism, ethnic clashes, and regional secession.

These highlighted factors have conscientiously affected the safety of diplomats, professional athletes, celebrities, royals, expatriates, high net worth individuals, political figures, business executives, and other VIPs within the geo-political regions of the country. Additionally, these individuals often attract unwelcome attention from stalkers, extortionists, rivals, former employees, paparazzi, and obsessive admirers, posing further risk to their safety.

To counter these problems, we conduct a security risk assessment and provide security advisory with the sole objective of achieving the best security coverage and loss prevention by carrying out the below simple steps:

Identify the security breaches and vulnerabilities
Design counter-measures
Recommend the counter-measures
Implement the counter-measures as solutions.

At HOGAN PROTOCOL, we ensure the provision of core security escort, journey management services, close protection, and executive protection based on risk assessment and advisory to our clients irrespective of the geopolitical region and environment embedded in true professionalism, best global security practices, integrity and robust customer service delivery.

Core services

At Hogan Protocol, we offer the following strategic business solutions:

Journey Management

Our Journey Management service is designed to execute the secured & safe transport of these personalities to their various destinations and business functions.

Close/Executive Protection

We offer close protection and body guards to these distinguished individuals who may need such services due to the type, nature or sensitivity of their employment, high profile status, net worth or environment.

Armed Escort

As a licensed private security practicing company, we offer armed escort services to VIPs, Expatriates, Diplomats, etc.

Airport Meet & Assist

Arriving or departing via the Nigerian International airports requires experience and the right knowledge for easy immigration and baggage handling process due to airport criminal activities which may expose and make you a victim of the criminals.